Below is a list of some of the programs the Frenchtown PTO sponsors through it's fundraising activities:

2013-2014 Assemblies - The Frenchtown PTO is providing funding, planning, and support for the following student assemblies for the 2013-14 school year:

  • Friday, October 11th 2013 - S.T.E.M. Assembly
  • Wednesday, November 6th 2013 Young Authors Day
  • Thursday, February 6th, 2014 - Ha La La iAfrika, Acceptance Day Assembly

  • 2012-2013 Assemblies - The Frenchtown PTO provided funding, planning, and support for the following student assemblies during the 2012-13 school year:

  • Rusty Johnson’s: The Twilight of the Wild - September 27, 2012
  • Rene Bibaud, “My Life As A Hot Dog. The Story of a Champion”- October 17, 2012
  • The Earth Dome - November 27, 2012
  • Acceptance Day Assembly Scott Chesney, Disabilities & Unlimited Possibilities… A Lesson Of Acceptance™ - February 8, 2012
  • Rick Mikula, The Butterfly Guy - Date TBD
  • Kidz Science Safari - DateTBD

  • Technology Upgrades

    In the past the Frenchtown PTO helped to provide funding to purchase a new Projector for the Auditorium along with 5 Netbooks for use in the classroom.

    Student and Teacher Recognition

    The FESPTO recognizes student achievement through Honors Breakfasts held 3 times during the school year with honor and high honor roll students in attendance. Various teacher appreciation events and recognition awards are also sponsored by the PTO throughout the year.


    The FESPTO supports the school's Athletic programs whenever possible. Last year the FESPTO helped acquire new uniforms for the boys basketball team. This year we are looking into providing additional uniforms for the school's soccer team.


    The Kristin D. Case Award is presented annually to the 8th Grade student who has shown his or herself to be an outstanding member of the community by academic record, community involvement, school spirit and compassion for fellow students. This award is given in remembrance of Kristin D. Case, Frenchtown Elementary School Class of 1999 Graduate.

    High School Senior Scholarship every year the FESPTO awards a $500 scholarship to a former FES student that is graduatin from Del-Val High School.

    Social Events

    The Frenchtown PTO sponsors a number of student and family social events throughout the school year. Some of these events include:

  • Family Bowing Night
  • Family Roller-skating Night
  • Student Dances
  • Family Movie Night

  • Enrichment

    The Frenchtown PTO is hoping to sponsor a number of student and parent enrichment events during the school year. We encourage both Parents and Teachers to suggest ways we can deliver additional programs both during and after school. Some of these events are listed below:

  • Batty About Bats - On Wednesday October 24, 2012 the Frenchtown PTO sponsored the afterschool presentation of Hunterdon county Parks & Rec's program "Batty About Bats" in the School Auditorium. The program was open to both students and parents with approximately 80 persons in attendance.
    Break though the stereotype and learn about these fascinating creatures of the night. Bats are one of the greatest allies humans have. Humans rely on many of the benefits that bats provide. We will learn about some of the unique species found around the world as well as the native bats of Hunterdon County.

  • Earring Making - The Frenchtown PTO sponsored an earring making class on Thursday November 1st taught by Ms. Hurley and Mrs. Einhorn. Each student made at least three pairs of earrings, and each was asked to donate at least one pair to this year's Silent Auction. The class will consisted of both beading and felted earrings. All materials were supplied by the PTO.

  • Block Printing Workshop - The Frenchtown PTO sponsored an afterschool Block Printing Workshop for K-3rd grade students on Wednesday November 14th led by Mrs. Einhorn with help from the Frenchtown Student Council and parents. Each student made their own block design in Styrofoam and printed a set of cards or tags. Each participant was asked to donate at least two pieces of their work to this year's Silent Auction. Snacks and all materials were supplied by the PTO.

  • Reptiles Alive - On Wednesday, November 7th the Frenchtown PTO sponsored for the 5th Grade Class the Hunterdon County Parks & Rec program "Reptiles Alive". Students learned about turtles and snakes that are found locally in Hunterdon County and even got to touch live specimens. The 5th grade had just finished learning about reptiles and it was well received by all present.

  • Day in Clay Class - The Frenchtown PTO sponsored A Day in Clay with Amber Dog Studio on Thursday, March 7th 2013. Local potter Bob Moncrief led the class to create clay wind-chimes The class is was offered to grades 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students and was held in the School's Art Room.

  • Other

  • New Playground Mulch - In November 2012, the Frenchtown PTO provided partial funding to purchase new mulch for the school's playground. PTO and Community Volunteers helped spread the new mulch alongside school and town public works employees.

  • New Playground Basketball Hoops - In April of 2013, the Frenchtown PTO purchased new basketball hoops and nets for the school's playground. They were promptly installed by the School's maintenance staff.

  • Sketch Books - In April of 2013, the Frenchtown PTO provided funding to supply new skecthbooks for each participant in the school's Sketchbook Club.

  • iRun4Life Program Sponsorship - In the spring of 2013, the Frenchtown PTO provided funding and volunteers to help with the school's iRun4Life Club.

  • Student Folders and Planner - Every year the Frenchtown PTO provides funding to purchase folders and planners for each student in the school.

  • Library Shevling - In 2013 the FESPTO purchased additional shelving to help better organize the school's library

  • Holiday Shop - Each December Frenchtown PTO volunteers help with the Frenchtown School Holiday Shop.

  • 8th Grade Fundraising - Frenchtown PTO volunteers provided support to the Frenchtown School 8th Grade graduating class and their efforts to fundraise for their class trip.

  • Community

  • Green Fair - Last September the Frenchtown PTO particpated in the 1st Frenchtown Green Fair, promoting it's printer cartidge recycling program and handing out free water.

  • Frenchtown Park Clean-up -The Frenchtown PTO volunteers particpated in this year's Frenchtown Park Cleanup along with proving refreshments for all those who participated.

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